Physical Therapy is covered by most insurance companies

Woodstock Rehab & Fitness participates with:

  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (Anthem)
  • Optima/Community Health
  • Tricare
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Other Commercial Insurance Companies as secondaries

As a courtesy, Woodstock Rehab & Fitness will contact your insurance company prior to your first visit so that we can explain your benefits and financial responsibility. We do, however, recommend to all patients to check with your insurance carrier prior to the initial visit for assurance of participation and coverage.

  • If your insurance determines that you have a co-pay, you will pay a fixed dollar amount each visit.
  • If you have a deductible, this is a fixed dollar amount for covered services you must pay before your health plan will pay for any remaining covered services during your plans year. If you have a deductible, please note that your co-pay does not apply to your deductible. The balance of your deductible will start over at the beginning of your plans year.
  • If your insurance determines that you have a coinsurance, your insurance will pay for a percentage of your treatment once your deductible is satisfied. The remainder is your responsibility. This amount will be billed to your home and we will send a statement on a monthly basis.

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