The WR&F Way

Physical Therapy at WR&F is comprehensive and focused on restoring movement, pain relief and patient education. Our Physical therapists work collaboratively with their patients to design treatment plans that meet their individual goals, challenges and needs.

One on one care with the therapist each visit

In many physical therapy clinics, therapists are required to treat 3-4 patients at a time. At WR&F, patients receive one on one care with their physical therapist every visit. This allows us to monitor your status each visit and progress your treatment plan to help meet your specific goals.

Hands on Approach

Physical therapy at WR&F is not just exercise. Although exercise is an important part of most physical therapy regimens, “hands on” or manual therapy is an integral part of therapy at our facility. This allows for more comprehensive care and greater chance for success.

Patient Education

At WR&F, we believe educating the patient is an integral part of the treatment process. Educating the patient on their condition, the therapy process, managing their symptoms, modifying activity, and preventing recurrence of injury are all part of the comprehensive approach we offer.

Staff Experience and Credentials

The staff at WR&F is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in Shenandoah County. WR&F is the only physical therapy clinic to have a board-certified orthopaedic specialist, certified manual therapist and is one of few clinics to have therapists certified in trigger point dry needling.

You always have a choice when your physician has prescribed physical therapy

Your physician can suggest where they would like you to go to therapy, but you are not obligated to receive therapy in any specific facility. You make the decision.

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