Direct Access

The physical therapists of WR&F have been certified through the Virginia Department of Health Professions to evaluate and treat patients without a referral from another health care practitioner. In order to become certified, our therapists have gone through extensive training and proven competency in differential diagnosis.
Our comprehensive evaluation process allows us to identify musculoskeletal conditions that are appropriate for physical therapy and that would benefit from our services. In addition, our evaluation process helps to identify more complicated orthopedic conditions that require the consultation of an orthopedist.

Prior to evaluation, we require that the patient identify a practitioner (licensed doctor of medicine (MD), osteopathy (DO), chiropractic (DC), podiatry (DPM), dentistry (DDS), certified nurse practitioner (C-NP) or a licensed physician assistant (PA)) with whom the therapist can correspond and who the patient will seek a consult from if necessary.

Our goal is that physical therapy without a referral will provide patients with easier access to care for their musculoskeletal needs thus leading to better outcomes and shorter treatment time. Physical therapy without a referral is covered by Medicare and most other insurance companies. Woodstock Rehab & Fitness will contact your insurance provider prior to your first visit to ensure coverage.

For more information on direct access for physical therapy in Virginia please visit the Va Dept of Health Professions website at

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