What should you bring?

  • Insurance Cards
  • Prescription From Your Physician
  • Images or imaging reports (X-ray, CT Scan, MRI, Bone Scan, etc.)
  • Please complete the Medical History form, the Financial Policy form, and the Current Condition form related to your current condition that you will be treated for in physical therapy.
  • List of medications you are currently taking including prescription, over the counter and supplements
  • Please wear loose fitting clothes that will allow us to properly evaluate your area of concern

What should you expect?

Depending on your condition, the physical therapy evaluation can take up to an hour. During the evaluation, your physical therapist will ask you detailed questions about the condition that you have sought treatment and about past medical history that may be relevant. The therapist may evaluate your strength, range of motion, flexibility, joint mobility, posture, gait or balance. In some instances, the therapist will need to assess other areas of your body to determine whether or not it is contributing to your current problem. After the initial evaluation, the therapist will discuss with you their findings and will work with you to design a treatment plan in order to address your goals.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes (30 minutes if you have not filled out your intake forms) early for your first appointment so that we may process your chart and go over your insurance benefits. Once the evaluation begins, the therapist tends to spend about an hour with you. Arriving early to fill out your paperwork allows the therapist adequate time to review it before they begin their evaluation with you.

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