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21 JAN

SocialGuru: New Website Launch Party

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January 21, 2014
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We are finally in the final stages of the launch of our new website! I know we have been promising our fans and clients a new website for a year. FINALLY the launch is here! The delay is mainly due to the fact that clients always take precedent over our company’s endeavors.

The new website is HTML5. The bases for going with HTLM5 were the easy to use slider interface and concise content presentation. As time goes on we will continuously update the site with add-ons but will keep the short and easy to navigate basic slider page. We believe that people are constantly in content overload and tired of being overwhelmed. So we decided to present an easy to navigate website that present current and future clients with all of the information they require. Even our list of services have been condensed down to the following six: Social Media Marketing, Social Management, Social Brand Building, Social Media Corporate Training, Social Media Consulting, & Social Media Seminars. A clean, simple and direct website is our goal. We think the bells and whistles are great for our clients but at this time we want to inform you and not overwhelm you.

Other exciting news is our continued expansion into the Northern Virginia market. The I-66 corridor is an area vibrant with businesses and economic growth. The modern business can capitalize on our company’s social media services. Since we are a full service social media provider companies will have the opportunity to either take advantage of our social media consulting services or allow us to fully manage your social media presence. Social media in one form or another will exist into the near future. Take advantage of it today because you cannot afford not to. Do not forget that your competitor is on social media.

Check back often. We plan on posting information a lot of information on Social Media.



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